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BOE 98 inch 8K Ultra HD television smooth delivery of Japanese NHK TV station

2014/6/10      view:

     Recently, the world's highest resolution BOE 98 inch 8K*4K TV smooth delivery of Japanese NHK TV station.

     In the 8K video test links, NHK provides many 8K video source is an hour of testing, test results are very good. The main leadership and employees of Japan's NHK have field experience, everybody is the product appear beautiful pictures and telepresence deeply attracted and issued a heartfelt admiration: Japan NHK think the BOE 8K display with a thinner, larger size, the color expressive force is stronger, more realistic picture of advantage. It is reported, NHK has built an entire 8K playable demo system, from the beginning of May 28th, nearly twenty day tour in japan.

     BOE this resolution up to 7680 x 4320, the display effect is 4 times of 4K × 2K display, 16 times more than the current mainstream resolution hdtv. The BOE's exclusive ADSDS super hard screen technology, has the ultra wide angle 178 degrees. Application of 8K technology in TV shows the picture is very delicate, but also can cover the whole of human, can make the viewers have incomparable excellent display effect.

     The BOE 98 inch TV smooth delivery represents the BOE display technology products have been recognized around the world, to the construction of high-end brands continue to progress.

TIPS: NHK of Japan is Japan Broadcasting Association, is Japan's largest broadcaster, is also the only Japanese public broadcasting station, one of Japan's most influential public media. It is reported, in 2016, Japan will be broadcast on the test of 8K Ultra HD, and plans in 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games launched the first 8K live event.